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Lady Bird (2017)




What can I say about this movie apart from that it's a wonder?


  I would not know where to start talking about this majesty called “Lady Bird.” It features the debut of Greta Gerwig as director, who acts in movies like “Jackie” (2017) and “To Rome with Love” (2012) and it could be said that she couldn't have shone more with this amazing and marvelous movie.


  “Lady Bird” is about a seventeen-year-old adolescent who lives in Sacramento (a town in California which shows great differences between the middle and high class) in 2002 (BEFORE SMART PHONES EXISTED!). Christine McPherson, known as Lady Bird by everyone, is a normal teenager, as normal as me and you can be. One of the most beautiful things of this movie is the mother-daughter relationship of Lady Bird with her mom, played by Laurie Metcalf (who does an amazing job). Their relationship is very realistic; that’s one of the movie’s strong points, its realism. As a teenager that I am I have found myself identifying with almost every situation of this movie. I’ve cried ( a lot) and laughed (also a lot) and when the movie finished, all I wanted to do was tell my mom that I love her.


The other point I would like to highlight is the talented and young cast this movie has, with the new Meryl Streep (as many critics say), Saoirse Ronan (“The Host”, “Hanna”), as Lady Bird; the beautiful and prodigious Timotheé Chalamet (“Call Me By Your Name”, “Interstellar”)  as one of Lady Bird’s first boyfriends; also Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea) as Lady Bird’s very first boyfriend; and an amazing Beanie Feldstein ( “Bad Neighbours 2”) as Lady Bird's best friend.




I really recommend that you watch this movie, and if it's possible, with your mom because you will both feel so identified with almost every scene in the movie and you will have a good time.


Lady Bird has won, among many awards, the Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy  and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy (Saoirse Ronan).


Claudia Arenas, 3ºA

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