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I gotta admit that I was hoping that “Dunkirk” won the Oscar for Best Movie or even for Best Director (Christopher Nolan), but the only Oscars “Dunkirk” won were Best Editing, Best Sound, and Best Sound Edition. “Dunkirk”, as the title says, is about that part of World War II, at the beginning of it more or less, where the Englishmen and the Frenchmen were trapped in the beach of Dunkirk by the Germans. I really like this movie, not only because I love the genre, but also because all the thrill that the movie has. You really get into the horror and frustration of World War II, and I could say that this movie is almost as good as “Saving Private Ryan,” which is a Spielberg masterpiece.






This movie wasn't very famous until the Oscars; maybe it’s because of the super inconspicuous title, but this movie is surprisingly funny and brilliant. The movie won the Oscars of Best Actress for the great Frances McDormand, who gave an AMAZING speech about women at the ceremony, and Best Actor in the supporting role for Sam Rockbell. The movie is about a desperate mother (McDormand) who doesn't have any news of her daughter's killer. Her daughter was found raped and burned, and the police haven't made any advances in the case, so Mildred (McDormand) decides to put three billboards on the outskirts of the town insulting and asking for advances to the police. That raises lots of new problems and controversy. The movie is sometimes very sad and hard, but other times it’s super funny and has a very interesting and catchy plot.






Last but not least is Del Toro’s masterpiece. I watched this movie, and it was even better than how I was expecting it to be. This movie was the most important in the Oscars because it won Best Movie and Best Director, among many others, and also because Guillermo Del Toro is the first Mexican to win a Best Movie and Best Director award ever in the Oscars’ history. At this point, who doesn't know what “The Shape of Water” plot is about? In summary, it's a love story between a mute woman and a (precious) water monster. I already loved Guillermo Del Toro because of movies like “Hellboy”, “The Pan's Labyrinth”, or “Crimson Peak,” but “The Shape of Water” is his best movie ever. “The Shaper of Water” is a love letter to fantasy and horror movies. Sometimes it’s very hard to watch but worth it because of the beauty and love that this movie transmits.




-Claudia Arenas, 4º ESO

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