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Do you really know what machismo and feminism are?

Hi you all!! Well, after more or less nine eternities, we finally are uploading this post. It was time!!

Today you are going to read about machismo and feminism. Our purpose here is to make you all part of this and see the other sides that people don’t realise. We’ll try to make it as easy to identify with as possible. 

You will read some questions; they are there to be mentally answered. So please, when you see one question, stop reading and think about your response. 

To start, we have asked several people from different grades some questions about their points of view on these concepts. By the way, thank you so much for your collaboration!! With that said, let’s begin!!

Feminism and machismo : only a women’s issue??

What does feminism mean to you?? After asking some of you guys, in your opinion, feminism means the equality between both men and women, but in most cases it’s seen as if it only regards women. By this, we mean, it was generally thought to be only to help women, as it is thought we (women) are the only ones suffering from machismo.



But for you, what is machismo?? Wait: before mentally answering, read the following paragraphs. These are the answers your mates gave: “boys feel superior to girls,”; “idea that women are less than men,”; and “activities that weaken women and make men feel superior.” None of them is wrong, but there is something we realised when we continued asking them about machismo and feminism. To get to that, we will ask you one more question (the million dollar question): 

Does machismo only affect women or also men??

None of the students asked thought deeply about this question; they just assumed that only women suffered from it. :( 

But, boys also suffer from it.

Boys reading this--have you ever been told phrases like, “Look, he is crying. He isn’t a real man,”? Or, “You look like a girl wearing pink,”?? Have they told you, “You can’t play with dolls because that is for girls,”? Or, “That is a sport for girls, not for you,”?? If someone has said something like this to you, then you have also suffered from machismo.

So yeah, boys reading this, you are also victims. With this last point, what we also want to clarify and prove is that feminism is not only meant for girls; it’s also for boys, so we must stop these random, meaningless attitudes against all of us (humans).

Talking about victims, we have realised that boys are also affected by machismo, but…Do girls provoke machismo??

The sad truth is: YES. A lot of the times, the conflict is just between girls. We sometimes see each other as enemies and not as mates. The same goes for boys; most of the time, a boy will be the one saying to another one a machista comment like those mentioned before.

But with this article, we don’t want to blame each other, dramatise or exaggerate the situation. We just wanted to approach the whole issue and make you realise that sometimes we are our own worst enemies and that….WE NEED TO STOP IT. 

Before concluding, we wanted to say thanks to Maggie for her patience and willingness to work with us. Of course, we also wanted to thank those students who answered our questions and  made this article possible. 

And we hope that this article entertained you and made you think about this issue.

Thanks for reading,


-Mónica Úbeda and Isabel Martínez, 4º ESO


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