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BLACK PANTHER (2018), Ryan Coogler, Marvel Studios

Like every good Marvel fan knows, “Black Panther” is the last movie of superheroes before everything we know changes in “Infinity War.” We were able to see Black Panther like a secondary character on “Civil War” (2016), by Iron Man’s side. This new movie of this amazing superhero features the story of the new Wakanda’s king, which is a hidden reign in Africa with the most advanced technology thanks to a mineral called Vibranium, only found in Wakanda. It plays a very important role in the story.

The movie starts right after the tragic events of the United Nations terrorist attack, where the father of Chaka (Chaka is Black Panther) dies. As the Wakanda king is now dead, his son, the inheritor, must be coronated as the new Wakanda’s king. So Chaka becomes the new king of Wakanda and everything seems to be normal again, or so it looked.

You would probably recognize the terrorist/thief/dealer of weapons and more stuff, AKA Ulysses Klaue, from “The Age of Ultron.” He was the guy that Ultron left without an arm. He allies with a mysterious (almost until the first hour of the movie) Afro-American young guy nicknamed as KillMonger, who is interpreted by Michael B. Jordan (mostly known because of his main roles in “Creed” and “The Fantastic Four” (both of 2015)). He also has a very important role in the story. KillMonger and Ulysses Klaue organize a robbery on an African museum, the one that has some pieces of Wakanda.

And as continuing this review without spoiling the whole movie is “Mission Impossible,” the only thing I’m going to tell is that you go one day to the movies and you watch this movie because it's (the first superhero movie of 2018) a great, great movie. Action-packed, cool music and it’s Marvel, so what are you waiting for?

Also, if you go and watch this movie, at the first 10 minutes of advertisements you will be able to see the “Venom” and “Infinity War” trailers, which will both be released this year.

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