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Ready player one



The 29th of March, 2018, “Ready Player One” was released. I was one of the book fans that couldn't wait anymore to watch Spielberg’s new movie based on Ernest Cline’s book. So, I went to the movies and watched this surprisingly entertaining and good movie.


When I say I was surprised it's because, before watching the movie, I had read some reviews, and they weren't very good ones. However, then I watched the movie, and I was totally shocked. This was not only because of all the Easter eggs and references in the movie, but also because of the way Steven does some changes in the plot without destroying the story. This is very difficult to do because many directors try to change some details of books when doing a book-cinematographic adaptation, and most of the time the movie is just a failure. But that's not the case with “Ready Player One.”


As I've said before, the movie is based on Ernest Cline’s novel about a not-so-far future where everyone plays a game call Oasis. This is a game in which you can create and do whatever you want. Halliday, the creator of Oasis, dies and leaves three Easter eggs hidden somewhere in Oasis. Whoever finds the three Easter eggs will own Oasis. Everyone tries to find the eggs, everyone including Wade Watts, a teenager who lives with his aunt and boyfriend. He is the main character and with his friends, H, Art3mis, Daito, and Toshiro, he starts an adventure to find all the Easter eggs and save Oasis from the Sixers, who are workers of IOI, a company that wants to own Oasis, and not with good intentions like Wade and his friends have.


The movie is a huge hit and a very romantic love letter to the ‘80s. As a fan of pop culture, this movie was like a gift for me. The movie does not only include Easter eggs like the DeLorean of “Back to the Future” or Freddy Krueger (which is one Avatar in Oasis), but it also has musical references. Some examples are “Jump” (which is the song of the trailer) or “Stayin’ Alive” from the Bee Gees or a five-minute scene which shows some scenes of “The Shining.” In my opinion, this movie is highly recommended for people of my peer group and geeks, like me, who are in love with pop culture and the ‘80s.


The cast is also very talented; Tye Sheridan (known for playing Ciclope in the last “X-Men” movie, “X-Men: Apocalypse”) plays Wade, and Olivia Cooke (mostly known for playing Rachel in “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” or Emma Decody in “Bates Motel”). Other important actors in the movie are Ben Mendelsohn, who is known for his role as Orson Krennic in “Rogue One,” and Simon Pegg, who is known for movies like “Star Trek” or “Paul.”




-Claudia Arenas, 4º ESO





I gotta admit that I was hoping that “Dunkirk” won the Oscar for Best Movie or even for Best Director (Christopher Nolan), but the only Oscars “Dunkirk” won were Best Editing, Best Sound, and Best Sound Edition. “Dunkirk”, as the title says, is about that part of World War II, at the beginning of it more or less, where the Englishmen and the Frenchmen were trapped in the beach of Dunkirk by the Germans. I really like this movie, not only because I love the genre, but also because all the thrill that the movie has. You really get into the horror and frustration of World War II, and I could say that this movie is almost as good as “Saving Private Ryan,” which is a Spielberg masterpiece.






This movie wasn't very famous until the Oscars; maybe it’s because of the super inconspicuous title, but this movie is surprisingly funny and brilliant. The movie won the Oscars of Best Actress for the great Frances McDormand, who gave an AMAZING speech about women at the ceremony, and Best Actor in the supporting role for Sam Rockbell. The movie is about a desperate mother (McDormand) who doesn't have any news of her daughter's killer. Her daughter was found raped and burned, and the police haven't made any advances in the case, so Mildred (McDormand) decides to put three billboards on the outskirts of the town insulting and asking for advances to the police. That raises lots of new problems and controversy. The movie is sometimes very sad and hard, but other times it’s super funny and has a very interesting and catchy plot.






Last but not least is Del Toro’s masterpiece. I watched this movie, and it was even better than how I was expecting it to be. This movie was the most important in the Oscars because it won Best Movie and Best Director, among many others, and also because Guillermo Del Toro is the first Mexican to win a Best Movie and Best Director award ever in the Oscars’ history. At this point, who doesn't know what “The Shape of Water” plot is about? In summary, it's a love story between a mute woman and a (precious) water monster. I already loved Guillermo Del Toro because of movies like “Hellboy”, “The Pan's Labyrinth”, or “Crimson Peak,” but “The Shape of Water” is his best movie ever. “The Shaper of Water” is a love letter to fantasy and horror movies. Sometimes it’s very hard to watch but worth it because of the beauty and love that this movie transmits.




-Claudia Arenas, 4º ESO

Do you really know what machismo and feminism are?

Hi you all!! Well, after more or less nine eternities, we finally are uploading this post. It was time!!

Today you are going to read about machismo and feminism. Our purpose here is to make you all part of this and see the other sides that people don’t realise. We’ll try to make it as easy to identify with as possible. 

You will read some questions; they are there to be mentally answered. So please, when you see one question, stop reading and think about your response. 

To start, we have asked several people from different grades some questions about their points of view on these concepts. By the way, thank you so much for your collaboration!! With that said, let’s begin!!

Feminism and machismo : only a women’s issue??

What does feminism mean to you?? After asking some of you guys, in your opinion, feminism means the equality between both men and women, but in most cases it’s seen as if it only regards women. By this, we mean, it was generally thought to be only to help women, as it is thought we (women) are the only ones suffering from machismo.



But for you, what is machismo?? Wait: before mentally answering, read the following paragraphs. These are the answers your mates gave: “boys feel superior to girls,”; “idea that women are less than men,”; and “activities that weaken women and make men feel superior.” None of them is wrong, but there is something we realised when we continued asking them about machismo and feminism. To get to that, we will ask you one more question (the million dollar question): 

Does machismo only affect women or also men??

None of the students asked thought deeply about this question; they just assumed that only women suffered from it. :( 

But, boys also suffer from it.

Boys reading this--have you ever been told phrases like, “Look, he is crying. He isn’t a real man,”? Or, “You look like a girl wearing pink,”?? Have they told you, “You can’t play with dolls because that is for girls,”? Or, “That is a sport for girls, not for you,”?? If someone has said something like this to you, then you have also suffered from machismo.

So yeah, boys reading this, you are also victims. With this last point, what we also want to clarify and prove is that feminism is not only meant for girls; it’s also for boys, so we must stop these random, meaningless attitudes against all of us (humans).

Talking about victims, we have realised that boys are also affected by machismo, but…Do girls provoke machismo??

The sad truth is: YES. A lot of the times, the conflict is just between girls. We sometimes see each other as enemies and not as mates. The same goes for boys; most of the time, a boy will be the one saying to another one a machista comment like those mentioned before.

But with this article, we don’t want to blame each other, dramatise or exaggerate the situation. We just wanted to approach the whole issue and make you realise that sometimes we are our own worst enemies and that….WE NEED TO STOP IT. 

Before concluding, we wanted to say thanks to Maggie for her patience and willingness to work with us. Of course, we also wanted to thank those students who answered our questions and  made this article possible. 

And we hope that this article entertained you and made you think about this issue.

Thanks for reading,


-Mónica Úbeda and Isabel Martínez, 4º ESO


Lady Bird (2017)




What can I say about this movie apart from that it's a wonder?


  I would not know where to start talking about this majesty called “Lady Bird.” It features the debut of Greta Gerwig as director, who acts in movies like “Jackie” (2017) and “To Rome with Love” (2012) and it could be said that she couldn't have shone more with this amazing and marvelous movie.


  “Lady Bird” is about a seventeen-year-old adolescent who lives in Sacramento (a town in California which shows great differences between the middle and high class) in 2002 (BEFORE SMART PHONES EXISTED!). Christine McPherson, known as Lady Bird by everyone, is a normal teenager, as normal as me and you can be. One of the most beautiful things of this movie is the mother-daughter relationship of Lady Bird with her mom, played by Laurie Metcalf (who does an amazing job). Their relationship is very realistic; that’s one of the movie’s strong points, its realism. As a teenager that I am I have found myself identifying with almost every situation of this movie. I’ve cried ( a lot) and laughed (also a lot) and when the movie finished, all I wanted to do was tell my mom that I love her.


The other point I would like to highlight is the talented and young cast this movie has, with the new Meryl Streep (as many critics say), Saoirse Ronan (“The Host”, “Hanna”), as Lady Bird; the beautiful and prodigious Timotheé Chalamet (“Call Me By Your Name”, “Interstellar”)  as one of Lady Bird’s first boyfriends; also Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea) as Lady Bird’s very first boyfriend; and an amazing Beanie Feldstein ( “Bad Neighbours 2”) as Lady Bird's best friend.




I really recommend that you watch this movie, and if it's possible, with your mom because you will both feel so identified with almost every scene in the movie and you will have a good time.


Lady Bird has won, among many awards, the Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy  and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy (Saoirse Ronan).


Claudia Arenas, 3ºA

BLACK PANTHER (2018), Ryan Coogler, Marvel Studios

Like every good Marvel fan knows, “Black Panther” is the last movie of superheroes before everything we know changes in “Infinity War.” We were able to see Black Panther like a secondary character on “Civil War” (2016), by Iron Man’s side. This new movie of this amazing superhero features the story of the new Wakanda’s king, which is a hidden reign in Africa with the most advanced technology thanks to a mineral called Vibranium, only found in Wakanda. It plays a very important role in the story.

The movie starts right after the tragic events of the United Nations terrorist attack, where the father of Chaka (Chaka is Black Panther) dies. As the Wakanda king is now dead, his son, the inheritor, must be coronated as the new Wakanda’s king. So Chaka becomes the new king of Wakanda and everything seems to be normal again, or so it looked.

You would probably recognize the terrorist/thief/dealer of weapons and more stuff, AKA Ulysses Klaue, from “The Age of Ultron.” He was the guy that Ultron left without an arm. He allies with a mysterious (almost until the first hour of the movie) Afro-American young guy nicknamed as KillMonger, who is interpreted by Michael B. Jordan (mostly known because of his main roles in “Creed” and “The Fantastic Four” (both of 2015)). He also has a very important role in the story. KillMonger and Ulysses Klaue organize a robbery on an African museum, the one that has some pieces of Wakanda.

And as continuing this review without spoiling the whole movie is “Mission Impossible,” the only thing I’m going to tell is that you go one day to the movies and you watch this movie because it's (the first superhero movie of 2018) a great, great movie. Action-packed, cool music and it’s Marvel, so what are you waiting for?

Also, if you go and watch this movie, at the first 10 minutes of advertisements you will be able to see the “Venom” and “Infinity War” trailers, which will both be released this year.

Claudia Arenas, 3ºA




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